How effective/efficient is your workout?

NNOXX will tell you

After completing a workout in the NNOXX mobile app, you'll now receive an effectiveness and efficiency score, along with a tailored recommendation for your next exercise session. Here's a breakdown of what this feature entails so you can better understand your scores:


Effectiveness Score

This metric gauges the amount of nitric oxide (NO) generated per minute during your workout. The higher your NO production per minute, the greater your effectiveness. Keep in mind that the classification of low, moderate, or high effectiveness is relative to your normal range of values.

Efficiency Score

This measures the amount of NO generated in relation to your movement velocity during exercise. A higher efficiency score indicates that you're producing more NO relative to your speed.


Workout Recommendations

Based on your effectiveness and efficiency scores (classified as low, moderate, or high), the app will provide a personalized workout recommendation. For example, if your effectiveness is high but efficiency is low, it suggests that your workout was more effective than usual but less efficient, which may be unsustainable for you long term. In such cases, the app may recommend reducing intensity in your next session or trying a different type of exercise. Importantly, your effectiveness and efficiency scores are both movement and muscle specific and you'll only get a score after completing three of the same type of workout for a specific muscle within the previous 28 days. This approach ensures accuracy and relevance.

Notably, the effectiveness and efficiency scores, and workout recommendations, are specifically optimized for cyclic activities like running, cycling, rowing, and walking and as a result their accuracy may vary during heavy weight-bearing activities. It’s also crucial to understand that effectiveness and efficiency speak to the ability of your workout to generate nitric oxide for improved general fitness and wellness. They do not address sport-specific or performance goals. 

Try it yourself

Place your NNOXX device on your outer quadriceps muscle and select your favorite exercise modality, whether that’s running, cycling, rowing, or another cyclic exercise. 

Now, on separate days, try performing different types of workouts, such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), long slow distance training, active recovery, or your favorite workout. 

After three workouts the NNOXX mobile app will provide you with effectiveness and efficiency scores, as well as personalized workout recommendations. Over time you can see how different types of workouts vary in their effectiveness and efficiency.