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Know how effective and efficient your exercise is by being the first ever to measure nitric oxide in the body.

Struggling to Achieve Peak Performance?

Are you frustrated with not seeing the results you want from your workouts? Do you feel like you're putting in the effort but not getting the gains? Traditional fitness metrics like heart rate and calories burned can only tell you so much. Without deeper insights into your body's performance, it's like training in the dark.

Missing Out on Crucial Data

You're not alone. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts face the same problem—working hard without truly understanding their body's needs. This lack of information can lead to ineffective training, plateauing progress, and even injuries. Imagine the frustration of dedicating countless hours to training only to feel stuck and unsure of what’s holding you back.

NNOXX One – Your Ultimate Fitness Partner

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with NNOXX One. This revolutionary wearable device is the first of its kind to measure both nitric oxide (NO) and muscle oxygenation (SmO2) levels non-invasively. These metrics are key indicators of blood flow, oxygen delivery, and overall fitness. With NNOXX One, you get real-time data and actionable insights to optimize your performance and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Why Choose NNOXX One?

  • Accurate Data in Real-Time: Get precise, real-time feedback on your NO and SmO2 levels, directly from the muscle groups you’re working.
  • Endorsed by Elite Athletes: Trusted by NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Olympic teams, as well as CrossFit Games athletes and UFC fighters.
  • Personalized AI Coaching: Benefit from a built-in AI coach that guides you through your workouts, helping you maximize your performance based on your unique data.
  • Lab-Quality Results Anywhere: Experience the power of an expensive lab in a compact, affordable device you can take anywhere.

The experts love it.

Next Level Understanding
I'm constantly tinkering with my training and trying to learn the best possible ways to maximize my potential as a human. With that said, having a basic understanding of what training protocols elicit what training adaptations is a start. NNOXX takes this understanding to another level. We now can learn exactly what is going on under the hood and it's incredibly valuable in my line of work.
Image of Will Moorad
Will Moorad
Professional Crossfit Athlete
Direct Insights
What sets NNOXX apart is its data-driven approach to performance, the product collects and analyzes my muscle oxygenation and nitric oxide during a workout, providing direct insights into my progress over time. This not only motivates me to push harder but also ensures I’m consistently scaling and adjusting my workouts to hit the planned stimulus to promote maximal adaptation.
Image of Braxton DeCamp
Braxton DeCamp
Crossfit HQ
Athlete Performance
This non-invasive wearable gives us the opportunity to measure nitric oxide concentrations in our athletes, which, in turn, can give us data and recommendations on programming our training to improve our athlete's performance based on their individual performance markers.
Image of Phil Daru
Phil Daru
UFC Coach

Take Control of Your Fitness

Don’t let lack of information hold you back any longer. With NNOXX One, you can finally take control of your fitness journey and see the results you deserve.

Take Control of Your Fitness