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Innovative measurement.

Informed performance.

Meet The NNOXX One, the first wearable + tracking platform for performance-driving active nitric oxide.

NNOXX is a revolution in fitness and performance — the first available wearable + mobile dashboard to measure nitric oxide, the body’s regulator of blood flow and oxygen to the body.

Grounded in science. Built for performance and health. It's a platform for next generation in fitness measurement.

Nitric oxide unlocks performance.

NNOXX measures active nitric oxide (NO), the body’s natural regulator for blood and oxygen delivery.

Maximizing active NO elevates fitness, performance, and brain and heart health. NNOXX is the first device to help you measure and monitor it.


NNOXX measures and unlocks insights.

It’s a wearable device paired to a mobile insight dashboard. Measuring active NO in real time as you move, it's innovation in action.

Previously, active NO was only measured invasively with blood draws — and those measurements couldn’t predict oxygen delivery. With NNOXX, those insights are instant for peak performance.

Strap the NNOXX device onto the muscle you plan to exercise. Then follow the mobile app’s feedback.

Pro tools for pro performance.

NNOXX is used today by NFL and NHL teams and professional athletes and their trainers.

It’s way beyond watches and commercial monitors, generating real-time data and insights for peak performance.